News: 29th July 2022

Hello all

There was some glorious weather to accompany last Sunday’s ride with London Clarion.

Although Lancing Chapel isn’t a place I had considered as a cycling destination before, the building is undeniably impressive. I was particularly interested in the stained glass window dedicated to anti-apartheid campaigner Trevor Huddleston, which had been opened by Desmond Tutu in 2007. I didn’t know that Trevor Huddleston had once been a pupil at Lancing College. It’s good to see this sort of private school institution doesn’t always mould individuals to prop up the Establishment in later life.

Last Sunday’s ride was very warm, so the person wearing the black Clarion cycling jersey, which he had unzipped to his waist, seemed appropriately attired to me. After reading her ride report (below), Angela seems to have a different view on sartorial elegance when out cycling though.

I’ve included a Strava link to last Sunday’s ride and a Flickr link with a few photos.

That’s all for now. Hopefully see some of you for a cycle ride soon.



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