Lewes Road Consultation

18 May 2012

Joyce Edmond-Smith
Campaigns Officer

10 May 2012

Mr. Robin Reed
Brighton & Hove City Council
Transport Initiatives,
Kings House

Lewes Road Consultation

Dear Robin Reed
Thank you for the very helpful explanation of the proposals for the Lewes Road and the Vogue Gyratory. As we agreed, I am writing to you direct on behalf of the Brighton and Hove Clarion Cycling Club. The following comments relate to the sections.

Section 1 – The Level to the Vogue Gyratory :
We welcome the loading restrictions on Lewes Road and the use of CCTV cameras for improved enforcement, as well as the removal of the traffic lights near Aberdeen Road and unnecessary street furniture. We agree that this will improve the situation for cyclists. However: – We note that enforcement must be thorough; presently parking in the cycle lanes makes them actually dangerous to cyclists who have to swerve out. Access on to the cycle lane from Franklin Road, Hartington Road etc. is made difficult by the density of traffic. We suggest that this be looked at. We also feel that this section of the A270 would benefit from inclusion in the 20-mile limit proposed for the city.

We welcome the phased traffic lights from Upper Lewes Road. However, as I pointed out there remains a concern with the traffic lights on Lewes Road leading on to the Gyratory. These are situated on an ascent which means, after stopping, cyclists have to draw away on the ascent, competing with cars wanting to get away quickly. Advance cycle boxes have proved very useful in parts of the city and it would seem that, because of the ascent at the traffic lights, one would be of great advantage here. I hope therefore that this can be considered.

Section 2 – The Vogue Gyratory (Sainsbury’s)
We note the proposals for new 2m wide cycle lane on the north bound carriageway. We welcome a dedicated cycle lane, although some members have questioned siting it alongside the Sainsbury’s store rather than through the middle as was proposed initially some years ago, which could obviate the problems below.

Whilst noting your explanation of the difficulties of altering the Sainsbury site, we are concerned with the access and egress of cars from Sainsbury’s thus crossing the cycle lane. We would therefore ask that every effort is made to ensure that cars exit slowly and have sight lines to ensure they can see cyclists advancing. Signs to the effect “Beware Cyclists” should also be prominent. We would also suggest that this aspect is monitored regularly.

We welcome the cycle priority and phased car traffic lights enabling cyclists to continue safely onto the Lewes Road cycle lane. We would urge that due attention is given to the timing of these lights so that cyclists are not held up unduly whilst cars are allowed through.

Section 3 – Vogue Gyratory to Coldean Lane
We welcome the improvements at Saunders Park junction and the proposals to remove parking bays between the Vogue Gyratory and Natal Road.

With regard to the option for either shared cyclists and bus lane or separate bus/cycle lane, we would support the option for separate bus cycle lanes as in Option 2 Q. 2 . Together with the reduction of the speed limit we would see one lane for cars as a useful way to encourage modal shift.

Section 4 – Coldean Lane to A27 Bypass (Falmer)
The further cycle network improvements referred to in the consultation document have not been accessible on the website. These comments refer therefore only to the proposals in the consultation document. In general it would seem that the changes will improve safety.

We welcome the widening of the shared path from Coldean Lane. It would also be useful if it were made clearer that this is a shared path.

The End of the Road for the Cycle Forum

25 January 2011

Not many people have been attending recent meetings of the Cycle Forum, and Council officials have failed to bring important new developments to it for comment. No one has been willing to take over as chair following Tony Green’s resignation at the last AGM. So it was no great surprise to find apologies flooding in for the meeting planned for last week.

Councillor Ian Davey finally took the initiative; he suggested cancelling the meeting and discontinuing the Forum, at least for the time being.

It’s a pity: the Forum has done some useful things and potentially has an important role to play. On the other hand, the lack of commitment on all sides meant that this outcome was pretty inevitable.

We agreed at the Clarion AGM that we should still elect a Forum rep. to have a watching brief in case there are any initiatives to get it started again. I won the election! Watch this space?