17 November 2017

Dear All

Thanks to Angela (D) and Wendy – as well of course as Julia – we now have both remaining dates for 2017 covered. So we can start thinking about next year.

2018 Rides
It’s quite diffiucult to work out a fortnightly schedule that avoids certain dates – the main ones being the those of the London-
Brighton Bike Ride when trains are impossible and the start and finish of BST. This year I took the view that given the difficulty of avoiding BST Sundays at both ends it was better to have a ride at the end when clocks go back and if you forget it’s just a matter of turning up to the start point an hour early. Better than being an hour later when BST starts. Same next year.
So, the dates I’m proposing for next year are – after our usual New Year Brunch ride on 2 January – as follows:-

Jan 7, 21 Feb,4, 18. Mar 4,18. April, 1, 15, 29 May 13, 27 June 10, 24. July 8.22. Aug. 5,19, Sept. 2,16, 30 Oct.14, 28 Nov.11, 25 Dec. 9

If no-one spots any problems with this within the next fortnight I’ll assume we agree and put the first few dates in the Future Rides list.

An important message from Julian follows

Membership Subscriptions in 2018
The National CCC has been working on, and testing, a new national computer internet-based subscription system, and plans to introduce it nationally on 1 January 2018.
It is being designed to allow all members to join online and pay subscriptions online using credit cards, debit cards and Paypal.
Thus every member will need an email address and be able to enter their details online to the website.
The main benefits foreseen are that it will do away with paperwork, give more accurate data nationally, remove postage costs, not need cheques, and make the issue of membership cards faster, as well as the enrollment of new members. 
As soon as the NCCC let us have the full description of the new system, it will be circulated to you.
In the meantime please would Brighton & Hove Clarion cycle club members not make any subscription payment until the new system has become operational.


Halloween edition news

3 November 2017

Dear All

Well, special thanks to Julian for taking on yesterday’s ride after Jim had to drop out due to injury. Indeed, Julian is doing well beyond his fair share of ride leading. As I reported in the last newsletter the Seaford ride he was planning for 12 November was not ‘on’ because of the non-availablity of trains to get people back to Brighton. But, undeterred, he has adapted the ride to one that can be comfortably done. (See below). So, thanks again, Julian.

So, can we now have an offer for 26 November?

I have now managed to finish correcting and indexing and am trying to get back on my bike after a longish absence. I hope that before too long I’ll be up to coming out with the Clarion again without being too much of a liability (well, not more of one than I am anyway!)



20 October 2017

Dear All

I was hoping to be able to cover 12 November with Julian’s ride to Seaford. But unfortunately it’s one of those ‘bus service only’ days from there on 12th. So, any other suggestions?

This is as shorter and more hastily prepared newsletter than usual. So here’s the explanation. ‘The best-laid plans..’ Mr Burns got it right. I’d alerted my publisher about when we were planning to go on holiday and was assured that I would get the proofs of my ILP book in good time to check them and do the index before going away. But they only arrived a couple of days before we set off so now I’m having to try desperately to catch up if the book is to appear before the end of the year.

I’m forwarding a couple of messages from the National Club.

Nice piece on cycling in Brighton by Adam Trimingham (aka ‘The Sage of Sussex’) in today’s Argus.

From Alan Kiddle:

It’s the first time in a number of years the Easter Meet is being held in the South so it would be great to see a good attendance from B&H 🙂

We are delighted to announce that Maurice Burton will be our Guest Speaker for the National Clarion Annual Awards Dinner at the 2018 Easter Meet in Southend-on-Sea.

As a three-time British champion and someone who beat the legendary Eddy Merckx, Burton knows a thing or two about cycling.

Maurice Burton was the first black British champion in cycling. His first taste of success came when he won the Junior Sprint national title in 1973. He won the amateur scratch title the following year, raced over a 20 km distance. He went on to represent Britain at the 1974 Commonwealth Games, but was not selected for the Olympic squad in 1976.

Burton became frustrated by the racism pervasive in Britain at the time so moved to Belgium in 1977, basing himself in Ghent. He was described as the first coloured professional cyclist. Burton rode 56 professional Six Day events, and retired from competitive cycling after a serious racing accident at the Buenos Aires Six Day in 1984. His son Germain Burton is also a racing cyclist who has represented Great Britain on an international level as a junior and has just joined JLT Condor.

To reserve your place at Easter 2018:



2 October 2017

Dear All

Ian and Sue are away at the moment so I’m looking after this issue of the “Clarion Latest”.

Many thanks to Chris for a very prompt report on yesterday’s ride. My main recollection of the ride I led on a similar route some time ago is the breath-taking descent from Woodingdean down to Rottigdean. It’s hard to imagine that a suburb could be so exciting … on which subject, please do read the historical piece at the end of this issue … and then check your brakes!

The next ride will be led by Sikka and Tessa on October 15th (see below). We are still looking for someone to lead on 29th October, and dates thereafter. Please send details to Ian if you can make an offer (




20 September 2017

Dear All

I have so much important stuff from other people that I will confine my own contribution this time to inviting offers for 29 October. I’ve put reports from Jim et al on the Avenue Verte and of Leon on a ‘Clarion mini ride’ after the Next Ride details and Anne’s report of Sunday’s ride.’

I’m going to be away for the next newsletter which Roger will be sending out. Please send any reports – especially the 1 October ride report to both of us. Roger is at


Christmas Lunch – message from Angela. Since there is a menu attached, it will be easier if I forward this separately.

A27 Crossing to Coombes Road

Joyce, our Campaigns Organiser, has registered our objections.

I am objecting on behalf of The Brighton & Hove Clarion Cycling Club for the following reasons:-

1. This application goes against West Sussex’ Walking and Cycling Strategy by reducing the safety and convenience of cyclists.
2. As a group which uses the A27 crossing we do not agree with the suggestion in the Transport Assessment that there is “very low cycling demand”.
3. The proposed replacement for the existing crossing from Old Shoreham Road makes the cyclist’s journey even more hazardous and longer.
4. It is retrograde and contrary to Government advice for a large new development to worsen the cyclist’s experience rather than use the opportunity to improve it (Highways England’s Interim Advice Note 195/16)
5. This proposal should be using the opportunity to prioritise and advance walking and cycling as per Government and West Sussex County Council Transport Policy, rather than as it does at present  encourage car use and discourage cycling and walking.
6. If the existing (already hazardous) crossing is to be removed it should be replaced by a bridge or underpass to give safe direct access from the Old Shoreham Rad to Coombes Road for all non-motorised road users. It should be usable in all weather and appropriately lit.

Meanwhile, Sikka has reported and Joyce confirmed that the website is not easy to use. This is further confirmed by an email received from the Howie Banks, chair of local Cycling UK.

Planning Application: AWDM/0961/17
It is  apparent that the recent website advertised to object to this scheme has been difficult to use via anything other than a PC, therefore many objections are not being heard and time is running out (Last objection September 29th 2017).In its current form this planning application would result in the loss of the crossing over the A27 from the old Shoreham Toll Bridge to Coombes Road which will be removed and the Old Shoreham Road junction will be permanently closed if the New Monks Farm proposals are approved!The proposed alternative crossing for cyclists involves at least a 1km detour with four new sets of traffic lights over a new roundabout and an upgraded A27.Off-road alternatives have not been agreed and might prove non-viable. Meanwhile this major development would go ahead.Recently, there has been a fatality on this stretch of road, walkers, workers and pupils from Lancing College would also have to find an alternative crossing.

If you would like to object to this planning proposal or suggest an alternative such as a bridge or tunnel please use this link kindly provide by Bricycles.
Or email: quoting AWDM/0961/17 in the subject.


11 September 2017

Dear All

Only a day late this time, which is not too bad considering. Not, I hasten to add because I was waiting for the last ride report – which does sometimes happen. Not on this occasion.

Sue developed a mysterious illness involving dehydration and low blood pressure a week last Saturday which resulted in her being in hospital for the next ten days while the medics tried to work out what had caused it. Made her escape yesterday evening. Still a bit of a mystery but at least she’s now back home and feeling OK.

During that time when I haven’t been at the hospital I’ve been busy with some final queries from my editor about the ILP book that has been so long in the gestation. So one way and another I’ve been a bit pre-occupied. Hope I haven’t missed anything out that anyone has asked to be included in this newsletter – apologies if I have.

I never did get a report for Julian’s Dell Quay ride but as you’ll see further on Angela has done one for the 3rd September one.
Sikka and Tessa have put their names down for 15 October but we are still short of one for 1 October. Any offers?

I’ve had an important message from Becky at Bricycles about the drastic changes planned for getting for the familiar route from the Toll Bridge to the Coombes Road.

I assume we all agree that we should add the B&H Clarion to the objectors. (If anyone disagrees please let me know before the weekend; if necessary we can have a special meeting to discuss the issue.)

We have used the current crossing many many times since 2004 and I personally can recall using it quite frequently back in the ‘70s. I think we should all register our objections as individuals too. Anyway, here’s Becky’s message. Plenty of useful info on the Bricycles website (see below)

URGENT Our Shoreham cycling and walking crossing is at risk! Object to the loss of a direct crossing over the A27 by September 29.

The planning application for the New Monks Farm development in Lancing is under consultation. Approval would mean the removal of our accustomed crossing of the A27 from the old Shoreham Toll Bridge to Coombes Road. The proposed replacement will involve a long detour and 4 sets of traffic lights. We are calling for a bridge or an underpass instead.

More information on making an objection:
The application, ref. no. AWDM/0961/17 is on the Adur and Worthing Councilwebsite:
You have to register and log in to make a comment. Please do this by 29 September.
If you have time, please also give your views to Tim Loughton, MP for
Shoreham via:

2018 membership and problems from not having a Membership Secretary currently
I’ve also had a message from our national secretary, Ian Clarke, who writes:-

Please note that whilst the membership year runs from January 1st for current/renewing members, any NEW members who join from 1st of September, will be members for the remainder of this year and full year for 2018.

I hope to send out membership forms to you during the course of September, so please do not send any new memberships until you’ve received them.

Please be aware that the club is still seeking a new membership secretary, and we would be grateful if you could raise this at your own meetings. Currently, we do not have even an incumbent membership secretary which makes it very difficult for us to deal with these matters.

The committee is currently reviewing the whole process, as well as the issue of taking all Clarion sections over to online membership, following the trial we had with several sections this year.

Should you have any recommendations, suggestions or proposals, please feel free to contact us. Indeed, if any of your members work for a business that may be able to help us out with the administration of memberships we would be pleased to hear from them.

Avenue Vert Ride
Angela, Ivor, Jim and Wendy all took part – for varying lengths of time – in the Avenue Vert ride. Jim tells me there will be a report in time for the next newsletter.



27 August 2017

25 August 2017

Dear All

Late again!

And, as you’ll see further on, with no ‘Last Ride’ report.

As ever, I intended to put the newsletter out on Tuesday.  It was almost ready, missing only the ride report.

Julian contacted me to say that someone on the ride had offered to do the report, but that he discovered later, after the ride, that the person concerned was new the the club and probably had little idea of what was required.

Worse, neither Julian or I seemed to have an email (or phone number) to try to establish contact.  I don’t think I can wait any longer without making problems for those who might be planning to go on the next ride Sunday week, so with great reluctance and apologies all  round I’m sending this out incomplete.

However, if anyone on last Sunday’s Dell Quay ride likes to send me a report I’ll send it on to you. If I get more than one that’s fine too!

As reported since the last newsletter the September rides are now covered – thanks to Julian (again!) and Mick. And thanks also to Sikka and Tessa who also volunteered for 17th a little later than Mick.  I hope they will be able to offer their ride before too long – perhaps one of the 3 rides scheduled for October?   But all offers for the 3 dates will be very very welcome.

I’ve had the following message from Angela (D). It’s self explanatory and I hope someone will be able to help.

If you can please contact Angela.

The Labour party conference is taking place in Brighton between 24-27 September.

Bricycles, the local campaigning group for cyclists is taking MPs and others on a short cycle ride along Hove sea front on Monday 25th September.

We may need to borrow a few extra bikes. Is anyone available locally who would be prepared to lend a bicycle or two?

Thank you


Just a reminder. If – like Angela above – you have anything you’d like to see in the newsletter please send it me.  Always on the look-out for good ‘copy’!