Next Ride: Sunday 27 July 2014: Redhill Circular

15 July 2014

Redhill – Nutfield Marsh – Bletchingley – Tandridge – Blindley Heath – Smallfield – Horley – Earlswood – Redhill

This ride incorporates sections of three previous rides plus a totally new bit. We’ll start off across Nutfield Marsh with its associated lovely nature reserves (where the path is now some 3 inches higher, so we won’t get wet) but – much to the relief of many, no doubt – we will not turn left and ascend the North Downs as before, but will continue south-eastwards, passing through Bletchingley and arriving at our lunch stop, the Griffin in Tandridge Lane.

We then return westwards by a more southerly route, encountering (but skirting round) the ominous cow-infested swamps of Blindley Heath (click here, and scroll down to 14 September, for a report of a previous memorable visit). Then back through Smallfield to pick up NCN21 to Redhill. (Those wanting a shorter ride can return home from Horley station; there may be an even shorter version available by returning from Godstone station).


Start at Redhill station down side (platform 3) exit at 11:00

Getting there: The 10:00 train from Brighton to Victoria and the 10:27 from Victoria to Brighton both stop at Redhill.

Getting back: Trains leave Redhill for Brighton at 58 minutes past the hour and for London at 14, 37 and 49 minutes past.

Length: About 25 miles (19 if returning from Horley; about 12 if returning from Godstone)

Duration: About 6 hours assuming 5 mph and 1 hour lunch.

Terrain: Mostly quiet lanes and good quality Sustrans-standard cycle path (NCN21)

Undulations: Not many.

Undue undulations: None.