17 December 2015

Not So Bleak Midwinter Edition

Dear All

Volunteers Needed!

So far I’ve had  no offers to lead rides from 10 January onwards.  As I said last time, If you are stuck for inspiration have a look at the detailed  rides on Jim’s website  Or look through previous rides on the blog/previous website. As long as we aren’t doing the same ride every fortnight there’s nothing wrong in repeating those we have already done. And if you crave orgininality you could always plan to do the ride in the opposite direction from last time! Please don’t rely on the “usual suspects” coming forward; sooner or later they are going to get fed up if they are left carrying too much of the burden.  We were in a similar position this time last year – but offers soon came forward – so I live in hope!

Yesterday’s Christmas Lunch

Twelve of us invaded the Café Rouge at the Marina: Angela, Anne, Fred, Jenny, Jim, Joyce, Julian,  Leon, Mick, Roger, Sue and me.  Angela had asked us to meet from 12 30 onwards ready to eat at 1 p m.  As the hour approached concerns began to be expressed about the non-arrival of Jim. Roger tried to phone him without success.  Wild theories were exchanged; he’d gone to the other Café Rouge by mistake; he’d been abducted by aliens. But on the stroke of 1 o’clock – or more or less – he appeared.

Xmas lunch 2015

Meanwhile Anne had distributed some snazzy glittery brooches featuring little Christmas trees among other seasonal emblems.  The jokes in the crackers were of the usual high quality (!) but everyone seemed to enjoy the food and we were well looked after.  As usual when you’re enjoying yourself time speeded up.  Mick had to leave early to return to work.  Roger thanked Angela for organising the party on behalf of us all and all too soon it was over and we were off on our separate ways.

The 2016 AGM

Just to remind you, we altered our constitution at this year’s AGM to allow for the AGM to be held a lot later than has been the case up to now – anytime for 1 January to 31 March.  There are advantages to holding it a little later – among other things it will make it easier for us to take a collective position on at least some of the things that may be proposed at the national AGM at the Easter Meet.  So I’m proposing to call it for a date early in March, (Easter is early next year)

When it does take place one thing we will have to decide is whether to reinstate (or increase) our £1 p a local sub  At this year’s  AGM, in order to make life a bit easier when it comes to collecting the subs – so that we know right at the start of the year how much we need to pay – we adopted the system of  deciding it a year in advance.  So, if you think we need a local sub (or you don’t) please come along prepared to make the appropriate proposal.

Sue and I are quite happy to host the AGM but if anyone else would like to take it on this time – needs to be someone fairly central – do let me know.

New Year Ride

As I wrote last year after the second time we had re-scheduled our traditional little “Brunch” ride to Carats café to 2 January “we couldn’t have had a sunnier day for our New Year ride this morning.”  Let’s hope we are lucky with the weather again but if it looks like being better to revert to New Year’s Day – or go for 3 January – I will make sure to let you know in good  time  – so do check your emails.

Meanwhile, this is the last newsletter for 2015 so the usual hearty season’s greetings to everyone.  All the best for 2016!


2016 Subscription –  our Treasurer/Membership Secretary writes:

The subscription is unchanged at £8, all of which will be passed on to the National Clarion Cycling Club as in 2015.

Prompt payment would appreciated.  Membership ceases if payment is not received.

Please complete the form attached with the newsletter and return it to me at the address on the form. 

If you prefer to pay by BACS, details of which are shown on the form, please use your surname as reference.  If you want to save a stamp and not send me the form, then email me at: to confirm your payment via BACS.  Payment by PayPal is not possible



2 December 2015

Dear All

Since I’ve received no messages pointing out mistakes in my arithmetic or other errors I’ve gone with the early 2016 dates I gave in the last issue. So, offers to lead rides from 10 January onwards are very welcome.  If you are stuck for inspiration have a look at the detailed  rides on Jim’s website  Or look through previous rides on the blog/previous website.

Christmas festivities – final reminder

You’ll have seen Angela’s latest message.  If you are comng to the lunch on 16 December and haven’t already done so please let the restaurant know about your choices. Check out what’s on offer on the Café Rouge (Brighton Marina). Go to “Menus” then “Festive Menus” and choose from the “Christmas Party” menu.  Email your choices to  making sure that it is made clear that the order is for the table under the name, ‘Clarion Cycling Club‘.

At a time when the news seems uniformly bad – except where it’s absolutely hideously awful – the smallest promise of better things lightens the heart a little  Good, therefore, to see in  the 19 November edition of Cycling Weekly the headline “Racing to Return to Preston Park.”  It goes on to say that by next April the oldest cycle track in the UK – dating from 1877 – should have its necessary fencing and track repairs completed.  The surface, the article says, will need to be replaced in about 8 years. You don’t have to be a track-racing enthusiast to be a little cheered by this.

2016 Subs: Julian writes:-

Subscriptions for 2016:  the renewal forms have not yet been received from the NCCC and we hope to have them to attach to the next newsletter.


Clarion Christmas Social – 22 December 2012

27 December 2012

Roger and Suzanne outside the world's smallest restaurant

The Saturday before Christmas and the weather did us proud, with twenty four hours of continuous rain from a grey, grey sky, pushed around by twenty mph winds. But the nineteen clarionists who ventured out for a festive, lunchtime get-together were not discouraged. They were Angela, Suzanne, John, Jo, Jenny, Nick, Chloe, Sue (Bullock), Ian, Joyce, Chris, Sue (from Lewes), Mick, David, Anne, Fred, Helen, Linda and Roger.

Happy lunchers

Well done to Nick who arrived by bike – and to anyone else who did the same but less conspicuously. Well done also, to the rest, who didn’t.

Nick and Jenny tuck in to tapas

The venue was the Whitecliffs Café at Saltdean. We had a set menu of mixed tapas, which arrived in true, chaotic, tapas style and was received with mixed reviews. The conversation was also mixed, chaotic and done to a turn.

Ian and Joyce managed to win the cryptic, cycling related quiz – sample question: Wartime US general eavesdropping – answer Bradley Wiggins. Mick, who confessed to creating the questions, presented the winners each with a jar of home-made lemon curd.

The other table

Once the meal was over, a sub-group wended its way back to Mick and Anne’s house to admire the views, drink tea, eat mince pies and contemplate a game of BN1. Your correspondent left at this point, so subsequent developments must remain hidden in the mist that was by now enshrouding the house.

Many thanks to Anne and Mick for organising everything and for their generous hospitality.

(Santa’s) Boots!


News and Xmas Social

8 December 2011

Dear fellow members and friends

Not often one can get the newsletter out on the same day as the “Last Ride” but thanks to Suzanne’s incredible speed I can today. [Guinness Book of Records will be informed.]

[Unfortunately updating the website took a little longer as Fred’s computer went Kaput! – Fred]

Sue has responded to my plea for a ride for 8 January (see below) – and Jim tells me he has a number of possible rides that he’s working on for the New Year. Thanks to both of them. But don’t let that deter anyone else from offering a ride for the early part of 2012.

Members be aware that subscription renewal time is approaching. Jim will be giving details in the next issue.

A few days ago I received the following from Leon – about the demonstration and rally last Wednesday in support of the public sector pension strike. He writes:

On the 30th November 2011 eight Brighton and Hove Clarion members attended the ‘Day of Action’ protest march through the streets of Brighton. In alphabetical order:- Anne Barry, Angela Coulter, Fred Pipes, Ian Bullock, Joyce Edmond-Smith, Leon Moore, Mick Barry and Sue Bullock.
Due to the huge number of protesters, we were not aware of some of our friends’ locations during the march. Joyce, Fred and Leon set of from the start at the ‘Occupy Brighton’ site at the Victoria Gardens. Soon to meet Anne and Mick in the Old Steine. Joyce blended into the crowd and was unfortunately separated from us. Mick had other business to attend to and left us at Castle Square. Soon followed be Fred, leaving to join the [NUJ] pickets at the BBC on Queens Road. I was now on my own as was Joyce. When I arrived at the Level I met Ian, Sue, Anne and Angela. Joyce joined us at about 2pm. We didn’t meet Fred again. The speeches that were given by some ten or twelve speakers were wonderful, especially from a visiting American from the Teamsters and our Brighton Green MP Caroline Lucas.    

Clarion protestors

Tessa’s Christmas Open House with a wide range of work from other artists as well, of course, as her own ceramics will be open from 11 to 6 on 11/12 December.

I felt a bit feeble – more than a bit – reading about an 80 year old who had just done a Lands End to John O’Groats cycle ride (in this week’s Cycling Weekly – aka “the comic”). Chapeaux! He’d taken 15 days over it – but I’d probably need 150 – and at a decade younger. Not that I would contemplate trying such a thing. But in an odd way hearing such tales does help to keep you going – does me, anyway.


This coming weekend! – Clarion Christmas social: Be there!

Lunch or afternoon tea at Hove Museum & Art Gallery – Saturday 10 December, 1.30–4.30 pm (but do come along earlier). The museum is at 19 New Church Road, Hove BN3 4 AB. Entry is free. The permanent collections are based around ‘Toys, cinema, local history and fine art’ and the special exhibition (also free) on 10 December will be ‘Robot Invasion’ – a vast range of robots and space toys from the collection of Sussex artist and illustrator Chris McEwan. Sounds fun! On Saturdays the museum is open from 10 am to 4.30 pm

Buses to the museum are numbers 1, 1A, 6, 6A, or 49 from Brighton North Street or Churchill Square stops, and Hove station is a short bike ride or a 20-minute walk away.

The tea room offers a range of afternoon teas, from cream tea (£4.50), or cream tea with sandwiches (£7.95), to a sumptuous-sounding three-tier cake stand loaded with cakes and sandwiches at £10 a head. The light lunches include rarebits, omelettes, jacket potatoes and fillings, lamb casserole or veggie options, etc, and should cost no more than about £9.

For more information about the museum go to the website at and select ‘Museums’. Then from the side bar on the left choose Hove Museum & Art Gallery.

The tea room will need some idea of numbers nearer the time, so please contact me as soon as possible this month via the Google group or text me on 07527 119 736 to let me know if you are planning to come.

Looking forward to seeing everyone!