If you need information on how to lobby for improvements to cycling facilities, there are a number of organisations you might consider approaching.

The first place to try is Bricycles, a Brighton-and-Hove based community group that aims to make cycling easier, safer and more attractive in Brighton, Hove and Sussex. For more info go to

For the Lewes area there is Cycle Lewes:

You may want to check what our local authorities are doing to promote cycling.

Brighton and Hove:

East Sussex:

West Sussex:

East Sussex also has a Local Access Forum:


One Response to Campaigning

  1. K.D.Churchill says:

    Unfortunately on last checking, Bricycles, Brighton and Hove City Council and Sustrans do not seem to be doing much to make travel by ANY mode easier for residents and visitors.
    I have personal experience of people that have said Brighton and Hove is now unwelcoming and will not be coming back to it.
    There seems to be an inability to get a true picture of what people want by polarising all parties instead of listening to them objectively!

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