The Next Ride: Sunday 24 February 2019 – Berwick Circular

11 February 2019

This ride divides into three sections:
6 miles to Hailsham and a coffee and snack at Bebbles Langos.
Mostly flat.
10 miles to Chiddingly and lunch at the Six Bells

We will follow the cuckoo trail to Horam the highest point on our route, then head west to Lions Green and then south to Chiddingly and lunch at the Six Bells at 1:15.

A final 6 miles back to Berwick Station.

After lunch we go the short distance to Muddles green where we will head south via Golden Cross and Chalvington and back to Berwick station.

Length: 22 miles all on Road or Cuckoo Trail, some gentle undulations max gradient 3.2%
Duration: 6 hours including stops
Pace: We will need to maintain a good pace on this ride to keep to timing.
Meet: at Brighton station to catch the 10:05 train to Berwick (Buy a return ticket to Berwick)
Start: We will start the ride at 10:35 at Berwick station for anyone arriving by car.
Return: from Berwick at 15:55

To help me book lunch please email me at if you are coming



The Next Ride: Sunday 10 February 2019

31 January 2019

Brighton Pier to Worthing Pier and Return

Trying to predict the vagaries of meteorological conditions for a weekend sometime next month that are guided by chaos theory is always fraught, So I have proposed another short, easy ride between the two piers, a distance of only 12 miles each way. The advantage is the opportunity for several stops along the route if we have to duck inside for cover.

I was thinking of adding a short, cultural extension to visit the “other” Sistene Chapel in Goring but it is closed for viewing until April, so perhaps I can make it the subject of a ride later in the Spring.

We can either take lunch at the Pavilion Café on the landward end of Worthing Pier, or try the Southern Pavilion Café, which would require locking up our bikes and strolling the length of the pier. St. Paul’s would make a good lunch stop, but it reverts to a church on Sundays, so it might offer a good mid-week pop-up ride. I am still exploring possible pubs in town offering suitable clarionista meals and beers. If I find one, I would need an indication of numbers (see Google Group messages).

We should have time for a coffee stop on East Street in Shoreham and on the return leg. Unfortunately The Coast at Splash Point is being completely refurbished again and won’t be ready until mid-February.

Assemble at Brighton Pier at 10am for a 10.15am departure.


The next ride: Sunday 27th January – Hassocks to Shoreham

18 January 2019

via Henfield, Partridge Green, Ashurst, Steyning.

Please remember that sunset is at 16:43 so make sure that you have working cycle lights for the return from Shoreham.

From Hassocks station we will make our way through Hurstpierpoint to Washbrook Farm for a quick coffee and loo stop.

Leave your bike outside the entrance, they charge to go round the farm but not to just use the cafe.

Leaving the cafe we will turn right and follow the B2117 across the A23 down to the Ginger Fox where we turn right onto the Brighton Road for a short distance before going left onto the back roads to Henfield.

We cycle through Henfield and take the downslink north to Partridge Green and our lunch stop at the Partridge at 12:30.

After lunch we will take the Horsham Road south to Steyning and follow Clays Hill to the roundabout at Bramber and onto the downslink to Shoreham.

Length: mostly on road 23 miles and free of Major undulations. Two sections of downslink .
Duration: 5 hours including stops
Pace: We will need to maintain a good pace on this ride to keep to timing.
Meet: at Brighton station to catch the 10:09 train to Hassocks
Start: We will start the ride at 10:20 at Hassocks station (West side) for anyone arriving by car.
Return: from Shoreham Station from about 3:30pm(Frequent trains)

To help me book lunch please email me at if you are coming.


The Next Ride

5 January 2019

Sunday 13th January 2019: Balcombe to Wivelsfield

Lindfield/Ardingly – Freshfield – Scaynes Hill – North Chailey

This is a repeat of a ride done in September 2015. As well as producing Nick’s timeless “shadows” photo (see that ride also featured the discovery of a wonderful tea stop, complete with swing, train set and loads of old cars, at a place allegedly called Oakwood Farm, which I cannot find on the map but hopefully we’ll once more stumble across (or spend the rest of our lives vainly searching for, like Lionel Wallace in H G Wells’ short story The Door in the Wall).

The ride was originally conceived in celebration of the fact that Balcombe and Wivelsfield are both “semi-step-free” stations, and in the right direction for this ride, which therefore “suggested itself – in fact, it did more than that, it insisted on being brought into life”, as the rather pretentious blurb of the time declared, before going on to say “despite having its fair share of undulations …” – oh dear. Who writes all this stuff? Oh, it was me!

Balcombe Tea Rooms may offer a coffee stop at the start of the ride if open. Later, we will have to decide whether to risk the bridleway from High Beech Lane to Lindfield. The alternative is a diversion via Ardingly which will add two miles to the total distance.

From Lindfield we take Park Lane and Plummerden Lane to Freshfield and then North Chailey, crossing the river Ouse twice and also the Bluebell line twice. The Inn on the Green at Scaynes Hill, where we enjoyed a satisfactory repast last time, is now called The Farmers, and the prices still look OK for us, so we’ll return there, despite a 2 mile detour from our route. (Pub ETA 12:15)

After lunch we cross Chailey Common, then take in all the Wivelsfields – Wivelsfield Green, Wivelsfield itself, and Worlds End, which is where the station is, although it’s really a suburb of Burgess Hill these days. Hopefully on the way we’ll find that door in the wall.

Distance: 20 miles (or 22 if avoiding the bridleway)

Duration: about 5½ hours

Terrain: see above. The short sections of A275 and A272 have footpaths. There are undulations, but not many after Park Lane.

Start at: Balcombe Station, platform 1 (northbound) exit, 9:45

Getting there: Take the 9:08 Bedford train from Brighton.

Getting home: Trains leave Wivelsfield for Brighton at 31 and 59 minutes past the hour.

A return ticket to Balcombe is probably the best option, unless two singles are cheaper.

Sun sets at 4.15. We should be on the train by then.


The Next Ride: Wednesday 2 January 2019

18 December 2018


Meet by the Palace Pier at 10 30 a m – or along the route at e g Maroccos. Only about 9 miles, (there and back) – plus from home to the Pier of course. I hope to be there on the bike – but please don’t wait for me!

Do check your emails on New Years Day after 5 pm – just in case


The Next Ride: Sunday 9 December 2018 – Polegate Circular via Herstmonceux

27 November 2018

Please note: in the event of a strong North wind, the ride may be reversed, riding first up the sheltered Cuckoo Trail and back across the exposed Pevensey Levels

Terrain: This ride is flat for most of the route with a few manageable hills just before and after lunch. Length of ride – we guess it is about 16 miles.

Route: From Polegate station we cycle through the car park , and out for a short ride along the cycle track on the pavement of the B2247 to the pedestrian crossing after Levetts Lane. Up this lane to the bridge over the bypass and along quiet roads to Rickney. Then north across the Pevensey Levels to the village of Herstmonceux where we will join the footpath by the main road for a few yards to cross over to Lime Cross Nursery. There we will have an early lunch.

After lunch we return to the footpath briefly then join the busy A271 for a short distance through Herstmonceux village, and turn right signposted Cowbeech. Passing Stunts Green we reach the top of Cowbeech Hill at Beech Cross ( a long but gradual climb). We turn left at this point onto a slightly busier but wide road , which we follow down to a T junction, taking in a couple of minor upward slopes on the way.

Here we turn off to the right along a quiet road for a mile or two, slip over the verge on the left into a disused road and over another busy road into Station Road. Another 100 yards or so and just before a bridge we diverge off the tarmac down a track to turn left onto the Cuckoo Trail. This will take us south to the delights of tea at the Old Loom Tea Rooms.

After tea just a mile to the end of the Cuckoo Trail and into Polegate to catch a train home.

Train from Brighton leaving at 10.12 arriving Polegate 10.44 Return trains from Polegate 50 minutes past the hour.

Please let us know if you are coming and want to have lunch so we can book appropriate numbers. The cafe have asked that we give them good warning if we are booking as a group. You can email me , Sikka, at or text me on 07787 402229. Thanks.

Sikka and Tessa

The Next Ride: Sunday 25 November 2018 – Palace Pier to Lewes via Telscombe and Southease

16 November 2018

Please remember that sunset is at 16:02 so make sure that you have working cycle lights.

Starting at the Palace Pier at 10 am we take the undercliff to Saltdean and a cafe stop either at Rottingdean or Saltdean.

Then we follow the road up towards Telscombe from Telscombe Cliffs with a short section of Bridleway to the top of Gorham’s Lane and the run down to Southease.

At Southease we will either go down to the river and along part of the Egrets way to Lewes although part of this is still technically a footpath or along the C7 into Lewes, depends on the ride recce.

Lunch will be at the end of the ride in Lewes, probably at the Snowdrop Inn.

Post Lunch members can either take the train back to Brighton or cycle (7 miles)

Length: 14 Miles approx
Duration: about 4 hours to Lunch.
Start time at Palace Pier 10am

Nick and Graham