The Origins of the Clarion Cycling Club and cycling in the 1890s: 141 The Easter Meet – suggestions from Manchester – and a rare error by Swiftsure

From Swiftsure’s “Cycling Notes” Clarion, 11-14 March 1896

With respect to the approaching Easter meet of the Clarion Clubs at Bakewell the following advertisment is appearing in the local papers:

Bakewell – Clarion Cycling Clubs visit Bakewell at Easter. Persons having lodgings to let, send address and terms to ‘Clarion,’ 56, Derbyshire Lane, Stretford.

The National Committee tell me they have only received suggestions for the business meeting from the Manchester Club and ask me to print these in my column. I have pleasure in doing so. They are as follows;-

The Manchester and District Clarion Cycling Club request the National Committee to place the following proposals on the agenda for discussion at the meet of the Clarion C.Cs at Bakewell

1. That the present National Clarion Club shall be superseded by a Federation of Clarion Clubs.
2. That the present conference proceed to the election of a secretary and committee to carry out the work of the above federation.
3. That each club pay an affiliation fee of 1d per member per annum, to the maintenane of the Federation Committee.
4. That the committee shall draw up a code of rules to be submitted to the various clubs for approval.
5. They shall issue also, as soon as possible, a guide book and directory for the use of members on tour, who may require accommodation.
6.The committee shall arrange for national sports and time trials, and the giving of prizes for the latter.
7. Also get together a loan collection of photographic slides for the use of those clubs who may be having a social – the object being to give us an insight into each other’s doings.


I received a communication from the Wolverhampton Clarion C,C. a short time back, which has unfortunately been misplaced. I trust the ommission will be excused, and hope to hear from the secetary shortly.

Next time:  How to get to Bakewell

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